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My name is Michal Maršálek and I am glad I can introduce my new program to you. I hope you will like it.
Do you have such experience that you had played Minecraft and then suddenly you died, lost your items or you did some other vital mistake? Yes? You propably wanted to take the time back and return to the point where you were ok. Now you will experience this situation never more. Minecraft backupper is here for you! It will backup your Minecraft world in intervals you will set. Now, have a closer look:

Minecraft backupper window
Minecraft backupper window in english mode

In Minecraft backupper you are able to set world to backup, a directory where you want to backup your world, an interval in which you want to backup and you can choose if all backups should be kept or if every backup should owerwrite the previous one. I am from Czech Republic so there is also possibility to change language to my mother tongue - czech. This option (selected language) is saved automatically but if you want to keep also your other filled in informations (world, directory, interval and if save all or only the last backup) you can by checking "Keep form filled after closing". When the backupping is running program is showing you when the last backup was and when the next will be.

It is really easy way to backup your Minecraft world. There is no unnecessary or difficult settings and whole program (so useful program) is only one small window. You may be asking why have I made this program. There is quite easy answer. I had experienced the similar situation I discribed above and I had also wanted to practice my programming skills. If you can't wait to get this great and useful tool, you will surly be glad that Minecraft backupper is here for free. So there is a link to download:

Dowload Minecraft backupper now for free
for Windows XP or higher

You will need .NET framework to run Minecraft backupper. On todays devices it's usually preinstalled but if there is problem to run, please visit official Microsoft sites (for Windows Vista or higher or for Windows XP) and download and install this framework.

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